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Ultimate Stunting Tutorial: complete after 7 years - 08-08-2014 , 09:28 AM

The cryo tube must be cracked briefly for yet another incredible feat of endurance by an HIH community member. Passed along via the HIH Facebook group is the Ultimate Stunting Tutorial by -=Mator=-. I'm pleased to post this because the entire spirit of the project, to say nothing of the content, is what many of us have always loved about the game and the community that surrounded it. Below, -=Mator=- gives an overview of the project, and links so you can get watching.

"Back in 2007, I started a project to document stunts/tricks on the map Blood Gulch on Halo PC. I had been inspired by videos by Ms. Man, BigGruntyThirst, and the TSM clan, and had an overwhelming hunger for Halo stunting. At the time when I started this project I knew only around 30 stunts on Blood Gulch, so I considered it a pretty easy endeavor to make a tutorial video for all of them. But, as many of you are aware, there are more than just 30 stunts on Blood Gulch. Over the years I learned more, and the project grew, and grew, and grew. Until it became a colossus, a hulking collection of 400 stunts on Blood Gulch.

Today, 7 years after I started the project, I bring the result. Balancing vehicles and clipping them into geometry. Launching across the map at 500m/s. Walking up the inside of walls. Getting on top of cliffs. With over 4 hours of tricking content, this video has it all. I've put my heart and soul into this project. Enjoy."

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